Perfectionism kills productivity!

One of the biggest struggles my coaching clients face is perfectionism. 

Perfectionism is a major killer of sales productivity and must be overcome to reach the highest levels of success in sales and in life. 

Here’s why: 

Perfectionists often delay (or avoid) taking action because they think their work isn’t good enough, or they don’t feel prepared enough. 

Perfectionists procrastinate because hard tasks feel overwhelming, since they believe they need to do everything perfectly! 

For example, they may take 45 minutes to write one prospecting e-mail to a Senior Executive (which will likely never get opened).  

Or they are afraid to meet with Senior Executives because they feel they aren’t knowledgeable or experienced enough to bring value. 

Here’s the inherent problem with perfectionism: 


Competence comes from experience. 

And experience comes directly from taking action consistently over time. 


We get better at writing through consistently writing. 

We get better at presentations by presenting regularly. 

We develop selling skills through action and repetition. 

Practice and action is what leads to competence, and if you don’t consistently take action because you don’t feel perfectly ready then you will never gain the competence you are seeking! 

The most successful people focus on taking consistent action, with full faith that they will get better with time and experience. 

Done now always beats perfect later (or never). 

In today’s training video, I share why perfectionism kills productivity and how to overcome perfectionism with daily action. 

P.S. – If you struggle with perfectionism and need help, my coaching programs will give you the accountability and support you need to take daily action. 

You can find details here: 


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