PREDICT SELLING © – How to qualify large deals

How do you know if a large deal is likely to close?

Try using my PREDICT SELLING © framework.

While I’ve used many sales methodologies in the past, I never found one that captured all the key ingredients needed to close complex Enterprise deals.

So I came up with my own!

I just received the registered copyright for PREDICT SELLING © from the US Copyright Office, and I’m excited to share it with my LinkedIn extended family today.

Here’s what the acronym stands for:

P: Problem with Pain

R: Reason

E: Engagement

D: Decision Maker and Process

I: Impact

C: Cost

T: Timeline

If you want to learn how to use the PREDICT SELLING © to qualify, advance, and close your largest deals, check out the recent podcast I did with Nicholas Thickett where I dive deep into the framework and how to use it.

Here’s the link to the full podcast episode:

Much more to come in the coming weeks and months on this.


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