Prospecting into the C-suite

We all know the importance of engaging with decision makers to accelerate your deals.

The question is, how do you book meetings with Senior Execs?

Here’s my formula for booking meetings with power in any organization:


Step 1: Research the Executive extensively.

Most important is that we identify what they are focused on in their role and any top goals or challenges that they are discussing.

If you can’t find anything online, ask your champion or defer to the companies stated vision and goals.

In the video below, I walk through how to properly research and what to look for.

Step 2: Establish linkage between their vision/goals and your product or service.

This part is the most important. Prepare your Point of View on how your company can help them achieve that goal or realize that vision.

It doesn’t need to be perfect, but it has to be relevant. The stronger the linkage, the more likely you are to book a meeting.

Step 3: Personalize your message and send directly to the executive.

Step 4: Follow up extensively across channels, including email, cell phone, and LinkedIn. Don’t text unless they have already engaged.

This is where 90% of reps fail.

Even the perfect email may not get opened.

Most people stop after 1-3 follow ups, but on average it takes 6-8 contacts before you get a response.

Add additional value using new content which expands upon the the original message with each subsequent email.


Here’s the framework I use for first emails:

Subject line: Reference the research ie “Your interview in Forbes”

Paragraph 1: Introduce yourself and share why felt compelled to reach out out based on the research.

Share the link to the article, post, or page where your research came from.

Paragraph 2: share your POV and the linkage between what they said and how you can help.

If you have a deal in play, reference the work you’ve done in their company thus far and the names of the people you are working with to warm up the message.

Paragraph 3: Call to Action (CTA) – request a meeting.

The purpose of the meeting is to dive deeper into their goals, share how you can help and the work you have done thus far with their team, get their input to ensure alignment.

It’s important they understand that what you are selling is relevant to what they are focused on, which is why you want to meet directly.

Be relevant
Follow up with value

Follow this formula and watch your prospecting results skyrocket. It works, as I’ve used this framework successfully for many years and have multiple coaching clients using this to book meetings with CEOs, COOs, and CIOs they previously couldn’t access.


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