Sales is not a charity: never give things away without getting what you need in return

Sales is a two way street: it requires active participation from both parties to run a successful sales cycle.

One of the best indicators of whether a deal is qualified or a customer is serious is their level of engagement.

Customers who want whatever you’re selling are typically willing to share during discovery, actively communicate, and provide what you need throughout the sales cycle.

Here are a few examples:

1. They allow you to go through proper discovery before receiving a demo

2. They share their financial data points so you can put together a business case/ROI that helps them sell this to their CFO

3. They provide access to power for the Executive readout or proposal review

4. They are willing to work on commercials before starting a POC

The problem is that too many reps are giving everything away without getting anything in return.

Giving away demos without discovery.

Giving away pricing without access to power.

Giving away discounts without getting a commitment to move forward first.

This is the fastest path to getting ghosted by your prospects or customers.

Because once they have what they need from you, they won’t need YOU anymore.

Sales is not a charity; it’s a two way street.

Always ask for what you need in exchange for giving what they need.

If you get push back, clearly explain why you need it. Ultimately, it’s in their best interest. And it’s also in yours.

In todays video, I break down why you can’t give things away during a sales cycle before getting something in return.


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