Sales Training: Why do customers buy from YOU?

Companies buy a product or service because of the OUTCOMES they believe it will deliver to them. As a sales pro, it’s critical to spend time focusing on how you will enable them to APPLY your product or service to their unique business to ensure success. The main reason they will choose YOU over a competitor, is because they feel confident that you have the experience and knowledge to DELIVER RESULTS. A few ways to do this include:

1. Have a detailed implementation plan and speak to what happens AFTER the sale

2. Discuss how they can align and organize their business to maximize success. For example, have an Executive Sponsor, communication plan, and rollout strategy

3. Connect them with other successful, happy customers who have also been on this journey to give them confidence this can be done

4. Highlight your companies Customer Success team roles, resources, and structure

5. Describe your training and enablement plan


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