Sell the Grass, not the Seeds

Customers buy desired outcomes, not products and services. So you must focus on selling the grass, not the seeds.

Here are 4 simple steps to do this:

  1. Focus on selling directly to power, as Executives are clear on desired outcomes for themselves and the company and will see the “big picture” value of what you offer.

This is especially important when selling a transformational product which will change how they work

2. In your initial meeting, ask about their desired business outcomes. Here’s the question I use:

“If we were to fast forward a year from now and you could say to me you had your best year ever, what would you have accomplished?”

3. Once you know where they want to go, ask how they plan to get there (strategy) and the top challenges or risks which could get in the way.

4. Establish linkeage. Once you uncover their desired outcomes and pain points, bridge the gap and show them how your company can help them achieve their desired outcomes faster.

It’s essential to share your detailed plan to get them there, including implementation, training, and change management.

In today’s video, I share my own recent experiences hiring a new landscaper.


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