Selling with Impact: 4 levels of impact

Know your Impact

People and companies don’t buy products and services…

They buy the outcomes which those products and services deliver.

If you want to sell more and improve your close rate, you must know your impact.

There are 4 levels of impact for every deal.

  1. Individual level

What is the impact this deal will have for your main champion or Executive Sponsor? Will they get promoted, make their bonus, sleep better at night, leave a legacy, etc?

2. Company level

What impact will this have on the company if successful? Will they grow more revenue? Attract and retain more employees? Reduce costs so they can invest more strategically?

3. User level

How will your product or service improve the lives of the users who are interfacing with your product every day? Will it reduce their stress? Help them sell more? Save them time?

4. Customer level

What impact will this have on the customer experience? Will this remove friction from the buying experience? Improve their quality of service? Make it easier for them to find your companies products online?

Dig deep and understand your impact at EVERY level during discovery, and closing the deal will be the easiest part.

When you know you are helping and making a major impact, closing is a breeze!


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