Set RAD goals for 2022

How can you make 2022 your best year yet?

By thinking bigger, aiming higher, and setting RAD goals!

While many people use the SMART framework to set goals, there’s one piece of this which I’m not a huge fan of. It’s the A, which stands for achievable (or attainable).

When we set achievable goals, often we set our standards low enough where we stay in our comfort zone and go after something only slightly higher than where we are today.

During the past five years I have tripled my income and sales by setting massive goals bigger than I ever dreamed possible.

This has not only applied to my sales and income goals, but also to my personal goals around health, family, and finances.

So today I’m introducing a new goal setting framework designed to help push you beyond your limits called RAD goals.


Here’s a breakdown:

REASON: Each goal should have a strong reason for setting it which is near and dear to your heart. Understand the consequences of success and failure in detail, and make sure you have a strong why.
This way you will stick to it when things get tough

AMBITIOUS: Set goals that force you to step outside your comfort zone and grow.

DRASTIC ACTION: Your goals should require you to fundamentally change what you are doing to hit them. You must commit to taking massive action if you expect to change your results, so set goals that literally force you to take this action to achieve them.

For example, one of my RAD goals this year is to run a marathon. The most I’ve ever run before is a half marathon, so this meets the criteria in all three areas.

Another RAD goal is to sell 1M in my first full year as a Solopreneur, which is nearly double what I sold this year. This will require shifting my entire business model.

In todays video I share my RAD goals across my business, finances, family, health, and home. I refer to these areas as “buckets,” and your goals should include more than just sales or income goals.


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