Stoicism 101

I’ve been a practitioner of Stoicism long before I knew what it was called. 

Stoicism has helped me learn and grow from the most painful of life events, and keep my ego in check during the greatest of victories. 

Life is a constant roller coaster, just like sales. 

As somebody with a highly addictive personality, it’s essential for me to live in a state where the highs are lower and the lows are higher. 

Learning and committing to a Stoic philosophy in life has helped me do this. 

So what exactly is Stoicism? 

Stoicism teaches that individuals can achieve inner peace and live a fulfilling life by accepting things that are beyond their control and focusing on their own virtue and reason.

Stoics believe in the importance of self-control, rationality, and moral integrity. 

We should strive to live a life of virtue, which is characterized by wisdom, courage, justice, and temperance.

Stoicism also emphasizes the impermanence of life and the inevitability of suffering. 

By accepting the transience of life and focusing on our own inner strength and resilience,  we can achieve a state of inner peace and happiness, regardless of external circumstances.

William Shakespeare sums up Stoicism best in his masterpiece Hamlet: 

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

 ~Hamlet~ William Shakespeare

If Stoicism sounds appealing, I put together a video on Stoicism 101. 

In this week’s free training video, I share examples of how I applied Stoic philosophy to some of the most challenging events in my life. 

I also show you how you can apply Stoicism to sales challenges, including losing deals, quota increases, layoffs, and more. 

You can find the full video here:


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