The Building Blocks of your Career

Before starting in sales 20 years ago, I was an English teacher living in Venezuela. 

When I left teaching I never imagined that I would teach again,  but now I  teach sales every day. 

Before starting at Salesforce, I led a sales team of 10 Managers and 70 AE’s at Ricoh. 

When I left sales leadership  I never imagined that I would lead AE’s again, but now I get to lead 80 AE’s in my sales coaching program. 

While I have made many mistakes in my 21 year career, there’s one thing that I’ve done right. 

No matter what role or state of my career I was in, I gave it my all and never gave up. 

Because of this, I was able to maximize my success and growth in each role. 

These became the building blocks of my career, and everything that I did in each role served me in the future, even if I couldn’t see it at the time. 

Be where you are. 

Give your all. 

Take as much as you can from your current challenge so you acquire the skills that will serve you in the future. 

We develop grit, patience, and resilience by embracing the challenge rather than fleeing it. 

Most importantly, NEVER give up until you’ve done exactly what you’ve set out to do.


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