The FASTEST way to increase your income

My average income from 2013-2016 = $241,017/yr 

My average income from 2017-2023 = $1,048,938/yr 

That’s a 335% increase. 

Here’s what changed: I started investing in myself in a BIG way. 

When I was making 240K/year, I would invest any savings into the stock market or real estate.

 In 2017, I invested 20K into my own development. 

I did this by hiring a Sales Coach and joining a Sales Mastermind. 

My justification was simple: by investing in myself, I would greatly improve my earning capacity. 

Given the size of the investment, I was 100% committed to the program! 

I attended every weekly group meeting, 1:1 coaching session, and 4 offsite retreats. 

That year my W2 was $942,947 and I finished #1 at Salesforce. 

The ROI was incredible: I invested 20K and earned an additional $701,930. 

That’s a 35x return! 

So I did the same thing the following year, remained equally committed, and achieved similar results.

In 2021, after four years of making Club and maximizing my sales earnings, I was able to retire from sales to run my coaching business full time. 

I immediately began investing in my coaching business. 

I invested 30K to join Brand Builders Group and implement their proven playbook for solopreneurs. 

I quickly sold out my coaching services by applying and executing exactly what they taught me. 

The key was attending their live events and getting hands-on support. 

In 2022, I invested again with Sam Ovens and joined his Quantum Mastermind program, which helped me grow and quickly scale my coaching business to over 7 figures 

This year I will invest over 50K in coaching, and we are on pace to be an Inc 5000 company.

The biggest shortcut to success is hiring advisors, coaches, or mentors who have already walked the path you are on and succeeded at the highest level. 

They will give you their exact playbook and provide ongoing accountability and support to implement what you are learning. 

The issue most people have is that they KNOW what they need to do, but have trouble APPLYING it on their own. 

People don’t pay for information, they pay for application. 

By paying others to teach you what works and apply it, you can save yourself a ton of heartache and time. 

And achieve wild success in anything you do. 

The key is to hire the right coaches who specialize in the areas where you need help with.

In today’s training video, I share how coaching has helped me accelerate success in every major area of my life, including helping me overcome addiction and save my family. 

You can find the video here:


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