The prize doesn’t go to the fastest guy…

“The prize doesn’t go to the fastest guy. It goes to the guy who slows down the least.”

-Rich Roll, Ultra Marathon Runner.

In sales, it’s very easy to take your foot off the gas, especially when nobody is watching.

Many sales professionals have two speeds at which they work:

1. High speed – whenever there’s pressure to perform, such as at the end of the year or quarter, many reps work with a sense of greater urgency and step up their game.

This also takes place when a large meeting is coming up, an active deal is in play, or an important deadline approaching such as an RFP submission due.

SaaS companies often post high numbers at quarter end for this exact reason.

2. The second speed is what I will call “normal speed.” This occurs when there’s not much on the calendar, there’s no immediate action items needed for deals in the pipeline, and there’s no outside pressure to perform.

During these times, many reps will work with less urgency and often succumb to distractions or busy work. This is the worst possible mistake a person can make.

When there’s no pressure to perform, this is when it’s most critical to focus on Revenue Generating Activities (RGA’s) which will help you advance stale pipeline or create new pipeline.

These are the times when you can research executives and companies, create a tailored Point of View to use for prospecting, and work on strategy to drive transformational deals.

Imagine if you were always working in High Gear, regardless of where you are in the year or what % of quota you’re at?

How much better could you perform if you gave it your all every single day???

This is exactly what elite performers do.

In todays video, I share tips on how you can SHOW UP every day and work with a sense of urgency regardless of how motivated you are feeling in the moment. enjoy!


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