The Science of Selling: How I hit quota 42 months in a row

The Science of Selling

There are three critical success factors in Sales:

1. Activity (RGAs)

2. Attitude (Positivity and Confidence)

3. Selling skills

The good news is that we have 💯 control over our activity, and high activity will likely lead to improved skills and increased confidence.

But the key to activity is that we focus on the RIGHT activities and have an executable DAILY plan that will GUARANTEE OUR SUCCESS.

With the right plan in plan in place, even the most inexperienced reps will have a path to success.

This is what I call the Science of Selling. 👨‍🔬

Today I share the exact formula I used to hit quota 42 consecutive months while working at Ricoh.

As a Sales Manager, I used this formula to get all 9 of my AE’s over plan including those new to sales.

We then scaled this to our entire team of 70 reps and 10 Sales Managers in Southern California and became the number one performing team in the company while i was Director of Sales, growing the business to 60M/year.

Today I share the formula with you, and hope it will be valuable for AEs everywhere, especially those who may be dealing with a large customer base and lower average deal size.

Please try this out by plugging in your own numbers and let me know what you think. Good luck and good selling!


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