The Top 3 Reasons AE’s miss quota

As a Sales Coach, I consistently see three top reasons AE’s miss their sales targets.

And they have nothing to do with selling skills.

Where do AE’s struggle the most?

1.) They struggle to work their hardest on a consistent basis every single day.

Many of my clients share that when they need to work hard, they can put in a full day, week, or even month.

But the challenge is that they struggle to show up and give their all every single day, and end up feeling disappointed in themselves because they aren’t trying their best.

They want to get to an ALL IN state, because when they do, they feel their best and get the results they desire most.

For these AE’s, the biggest challenge is leaving their comfort zone and pushing themselves.

2.) They work hard, but are working on the wrong things and don’t have a solid plan in place to follow

Rather than working all day on Revenue Generating Activities (RGA’s), they let the day overtake them and work reactively rather than proactively.

They lack the discipline to say no, always feel like they are falling behind, and spend the day in a frenzy trying to get busy work done.

The saddest part is that they are working really really hard, but not on the things that matter.

At the end of the day they feel like they feel frustrated and anxious, because they didn’t execute the most important things they know they should be doing.

3.) They are focused on the prize rather than the process, and lack the patience to stay the course.

These are the AEs that are working hard and doing all the right things, but not seeing the results yet.

But rather than having faith and staying the course, they lose patience, get frustrated, and stop doing the very things that lead to the results they desire most.

This need for immediate gratification leads them to make poor decisions, get desperate, or abandon ship altogether and change roles or companies.

If you struggle with any of these three challenges, I can help you as I was also in the same place 5 years ago before turning things around.

My new Coaching Platform, Untap Your Sales Potential is now live and is designed to help you:

– Show up fully every single day and work consistently so you can perform your best

– Develop the right plan and focus, so your hard work is directed on activities that will have the biggest impact in growing your business

– Develop patience and discipline, so you stay the course even when you may not see the immediate results.

Because patience, resiliency, and consistency are what leads to massive rewards.

That’s why this is a one year investment, rather than a quick overnight fix.

What got you here won’t get you where you want to go tomorrow.

Enrollment is open now through May 16th, and I have less than 60 spots left as of today.

After May 16th, I’m closing out the program for at least 6 months.

Link to signup here:


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