The True Price of Hard Work

If you want to become a top 1% seller, you must show up consistently and work your hardest every day. 

However, hard work often comes at a high price. 

Here’s what that looks like for me: 

  1. Difficulty “turning off” at night when I get home
  2. Often less present than I’d like to be with my family
  3. Anxious about things I still have to do which I couldn’t get to 
  4. Mentally exhausted at the end of most days

So if it comes at such a high cost, why bother at all? 

It’s really simple: because the alternative pain is MUCH GREATER than the pain of hard work. 

Here’s what the alternative pain looks like: 

  1. Beating yourself up because you aren’t performing to your potential
  2. Feeling like you wasted the day at the end of most days
  3. Being unhappy and unfulfilled, even though you have a “good” like and are doing “well” compared to many other people
  4. Feeling the pain of living in your comfort zone and knowing you could do so much better!

I’ve experienced both kinds of pain, and I will take the pain of hard work any day of the week over the pain of underachievement. 

There’s no greater feeling in the world than the peace of mind which comes from knowing you are doing all you can to become the best you are capable of becoming. 

In today’s training video, I focus on 3 key areas: 

– What does hard work REALLY look like? (PS – it has nothing to do with “hustle”)?

– What is the price of hard work?

– How can you sustain hard work over your sales career without burning out? 

I hope this video will serve as a guide to what’s truly required to become a top 1% performer, and provide you with tools to sustain that performance over time so you can stay in the game long enough to reap the massive rewards which are possible in tech sales.  


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