The Valley of Despair in Sales

There’s an interesting phenomena in sales which I call the “Valley of Despair.” 

It’s the period of time when a salesperson starts to question themselves and have major doubts about whether they can succeed. 

Typically this occurs when they have been doing everything they can to be successful, but not seeing the results. 

Despite working hard and focusing on the right things, they missed quota for a quarter, year, or even multiple years in some cases. 

For me, the Valley of Despair was missing quota three years in a row at Salesforce from 2014-2016, which led to a loss in confidence and struggles with addiction. 

I was so close to quitting before I made a DECISION to invest in myself and get help. 

That year I invested 20K in myself by hiring a coach and joining a Sales Mastermind, which led to finishing #1 at Salesforce globally in the Enterprise Select Division.

Whenever I see somebody who is hard working and talented stuck in the Valley of Despair, I smile with confidence and assure them that this is EXACTLY where they need to be. 

Because I know GREAT things are coming. 

It’s part of the Hero’s Journey. 

We MUST be humbled in life before we can achieve true greatness!

We MUST have extreme doubts about ourselves before we receive the prize we have been searching for!

And most importantly, WE MUST STAY THE COURSE and have faith success will come if we continue to show up every day, work on the right things with integrity, and serve our customers. 

If you are in the Valley of Despair and not seeing the results that you desire, this is EXACTLY where you need to be. 

Trust the process and detach from the prize and the prize will come in bigger ways that you can ever imagine. 

The deeper the despair, the sooner the prize is coming. 

I’ve seen it over and over again with myself and my clients. 

In today’s video, I share what the Valley of Despair feels like, and why it’s critical to stay the course rather than run away in the times of greatest doubt.


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