Top 4 Ways to Build Wealth in Tech Sales

Tech sales is a great career to build wealth. 

Top performers in many tech companies earn 500K-1M/year. 

Here are my top 4 tips to building wealth in tech sales: 

1. Make the MAIN THING the MAIN THING. 

More than ever, people are starting side hustles. 

However, this can often distract them from the main thing! 

Rather than using your side hustle to build wealth, I recommend focusing on becoming the very BEST at tech sales, earning a high sales income, and investing the rest in passive income streams. 

When the nest egg gets big enough, it will reduce the pressure you face if and when you decide to go all in on your side hustle.

2. Live within your means.

This is a big one. 

You don’t get wealthy by earning a high income. 

The sales rep who makes 200K/year and saves 50K is wealthier than the rep who makes 500K and saves 20K. 

As your income grows, do your best to keep your lifestyle the same so you can increase your % of savings each year. 

This is VERY different from being cheap or frugal. 

I enjoy nice things, and choose to spend my money on experiences, rather than cars, clothes, watches, or unnecessary luxuries. 

Only make major purchases when you can afford it and it won’t break the bank or cause you unnecessary stress in the future 

3. Invest in passive income streams. 

My preferred investment vehicles are index funds and syndicated real estate. 

Compounding interest is real, and the younger you are when you start investing, the larger your wealth will grow.

 I’m also a fan of dollar cost averaging, which simply means investing every month rather than trying to time the market 

4. Start a business. 

This is often overlooked by top sales earners, and essential when you start making north of 400K/year. 

The biggest expense you will have by far is taxes, and starting a business will help you keep more of your hard earned money. 

Earning wealth in tech sales enabled me to leave corporate to pursue my dream, without worrying about money. 

And I know it can do the same for many of you. 

In today’s video, I dive deep into each of these strategies including where I invest. 

You can find the video here:


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