Top 5 ways to get Wealthy in tech sales

Sandy and I just took a dream vacation to celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary and renew our wedding vows. 

Given all that we’ve been through, we had a lot to celebrate and wanted to do so in style. 

We left our kids with the grandparents and headed to Mexico, where we stayed in a Panoramic Ocean Treehouse at the One and Only Mandarina, awarded as the Top Hotel in the Americas. 

The trip was beyond our wildest expectations. 

We had a private butler greet us upon our arrival, and cater the entire experience to our personal preferences. 

We ate the most incredible meals I ever had, prepared by Mexico’s leading Executive Chefs. 

We got pampered with massages, mud baths, foot scrubs, aromatherapy, and sound baths in the outdoor rainforest spa. 

Most importantly, I got to spend quality time with my wonderful wife as we both soaked up every precious moment of our trip.

It was an eye opening and humbling experience to say the least. 

There were many moments during the vacation when I had to pinch myself and ask: “How did we get here?” 

The answer came immediately. 

A 20+ year career in tech sales provided this opportunity! 

I am BEYOND grateful for the opportunity which sales has provided to me and our family. 

This trip inspired me to continue serving others at the highest level, because I know that if I can do it, you can too! 

Helping others perform at their full potential and experience the joy that comes it drives me every day! 

Because there’s no better feeling in the world than doing everything you can to become the best you are capable of becoming. 

And when you commit to showing up as the best version of yourself every day,, the results always follow. 

Even if you don’t see them immediately. 

But here’s what the gurus won’t tell you: there’s no such thing as a get rich quick scheme. 

There’s no easy button to press to get to the top. 

So how exactly do you get to the top of your sales game and get wealthy working in tech sales? 

In today’s video, I provide my exact blueprint: The Top 5 Ways to get wealthy in tech sales. 

I filmed this from our Panoramic Ocean Treehouse, and I hope this will inspire you to take your own sales career to new heights by implementing the 5 tips that I share. 


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