Top 7 qualities of great Sales Leaders

What makes a great frontline sales leader?

In today’s video I dive deep into the qualities of exceptional sales leaders that will drive higher revenue, low sales turnover, and happier AE’s.

Here are the top 7 qualities of great sales leaders:

1. Shock absorbers – rather than passing the pressure of aggressive sales targets directly onto their AE’s, they absorb the pressure so AE’s don’t have to feel it

2. Selfless – they know that their own success is only possible if their AE’s are successful, so they work every day to help their AE’s crush it

3. Strong Closers – they are great in front of customers and know what it takes to move deals forward. They put money in their AE’s pockets by helping them win business. AE’s want to bring them into the deal because it will help them win it

4. Great Coaches – they develop their AE’s by identifying things they can improve upon and sharing how they can improve on a regular basis

5. Accountability – they communicate expectations for their team around key metrics needed for success and hold their team accountable. Their most important success metrics are customer meetings, opportunities, and deals closed, NOT number of cold calls or emails logged into the CRM.

6. They are not micromanagers – they understand and embrace that every AE is unique and has their own selling style, and they give their AE’s the space and autonomy to find their way.

7. They avoid fire drills – there’s nothing worse than the words “I need this right now.” They understand that a lack of preparation on their part doesn’t constitute an emergency on my part.

Here’s to all the great sales leaders out there!


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