Two Kinds of Pain in Sales

There are two kinds of pain you will experience on a regular basis if you work in sales:

  1. The pain of regret and shame  
  2. The pain of hard work (not to be confused with “busy work”)

Let’s talk about the two in detail: 

1. The pain of regret and shame: 

This is the pain that you feel at the end of the day, which is a direct result of NOT keeping your word to yourself and doing what you KNOW you need to do. 

For example, let’s say you have a large block of whitespace between meetings, and you know you should use it for either deal advancement or pipeline creation. 

But instead, you give into distractions, busy work, and all of a sudden 2-3 hours gets away from you. 

Then you go to another meeting, do some admin work, and at the end of the day you feel like you got nothing done. 

You finish work feeling agitated and irritable. 

Beating yourself up over wasting the day. 

Which impacts your quality of life at home with your family. 

Or maybe you feel guilty and fire up the laptop at night to finish the work you should have done during the day, which robs your family of time with you. 

Either way it sucks big time. 

And worst of all, this pain repeats itself over and over again, day after day. 

Sound familiar? 

Yeah, me too! 

2. The Pain of Hard Work

Another type of pain is the pain of actually DOING the things you don’t want to do, each and every day. 

I’m talking about the hard things that move the needle on our business, but don’t lead to immediate reward. 

For example, building a personalized, relevant POV to bring to Senior Executives at your largest prospects. 

Or doing Account Planning to see how you can grow your biggest account, expand share of wallet, and connect with key stakeholders where your company currently has no relationship. 

And then EXECUTING the plan.

Writing the e-mails, making the phone calls, recording the videos, and reaching out to prospects. 

Because nothing happens without a conversation in sales (and in life). 

This is the pain of doing DEEP WORK. 

Planning and executing the things that move the needle on your business, each and every day. 

This is the pain of staring at your computer, knowing exactly what you need to do, and then doing it with 100% focus until it’s finished, rather than constantly giving into distraction or busy work.

When you plan and execute each and every day, it feels VERY HARD. 

And it’s meant to feel hard, because it IS hard.

That’s why they call it HARD work. 

At the end of these days, you feel absolutely drained, exhausted, and mentally burnt out. 

Because you have used your brain the entire day, and your brain is tired. 

The good news is that when you do hard things every day, they begin to feel normal. 

Never easy, but normal. 

Because you have trained your brain to do hard things and feel comfortable doing the uncomfortable.  

The question is, which pain are you going to choose? 

In today’s training video, I discuss why choosing Pain #2 is the key to consistent, ongoing success in sales and business. 

I also share how you can train your brain to do hard things every single day, so it doesn’t feel “as hard” as it once did. 


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