Untap your Sales Potential

Untap your Sales Potential

There are few feelings worse in life than not fulfilling ones full potential.

Unfortunately, many people drift through life without clear direction and often accept what happens to them rather than changing their situation and taking full control of their destiny.

Here’s what untapped potential may feel like:
  1. Dreading going to work on Monday morning because your career is no longer challenging or inspiring.
  2. Feeling tired or sluggish because you are no longer exercising or eating healthy
  3. Accepting mediocre performance and lowering your own high standards for yourself, because it’s easier than aiming high and being disappointed yet again
  4. Delaying pursuing your dreams, or abandoning them altogether because you are stuck in your comfort zone

The opposite of untapped potential is living in ALIGNMENT, which occurs when your daily actions and behaviors closely match your ideals.

Alignment means doing the things we know we need to do every single day to improve our lives in the areas that matter most.

When we are aligned we feel alive, inspired, and driven to succeed in ALL aspects of our life.

Here’s what alignment looks like:
  • We have clear goals and know that the actions we are taking today will lead to a better tomorrow.
  • We are challenged every day and take on that challenge with excitement and passion.
  • We see unlimited opportunities in our future
  • We can sleep soundly at night knowing that we gave everything we had today
  • We are present and patient with our loved ones, and just as committed in our personal lives as we are in our professional lives.

When you are living in alignment, you are the same person outside of work as you are inside of work.

Because your IDENTITY and VALUES are consistent wherever you are and wherever you go.

Today I share how you can identify whether you are living in alignment, and what you can do about it if you’re not.


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