Use “reverse selling” to have your clients convince you why they need it

Do your clients really NEED what you’re selling, or is it a nice to have?

Once you understand why they truly need what you have to offer, then you can sell with much more effectively.

This will improve your win rates and save you time chasing unqualified deals.

During discovery, I use a method I call “reverse selling” where clients convince me they need what I have to offer.

Before using this approach, it’s very important that your prospect understands what you do and the problem you solve.

This is NOT used for cold calling, but should be used early on in the discovery process to qualify.

Here’s how it works: Once they have agreed to meet and expressed some level of interest, you want to get to the truth of why they REALLY need what you are selling.

The idea is simple: have them convince you that it’s worth spending your valuable time, energy, and resources on this opportunity, rather than wasting their time and yours.

In todays video, I break down exactly how to reverse sell.

Here are a few questions to ask to better understand why they need what you have:

1. What’s not working today?

2. Why do you need to change what you’re doing today?

3. What’s this costing you?

4. What will happen if you do nothing?

5. What will making this change enable you to do?

Once you can answer these questions and uncover severe consequences if they don’t change, you have a qualified opportunity.

Otherwise it’s a nice to have. If you aren’t convinced that the client needs what you have, they won’t be convinced either.


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