Use the Whitespace for Creation, not Consumption

Ever feel like you were busy all day, but didn’t get anything done? 

This is one of the biggest challenges facing sales reps today. 

The primary culprit: spending more time on consumption than creation. 

Consumption activities fall into two buckets: 

1. Work related consumption 

2. Personal Consumption 

Work related consumption consists of “busy work” that can feel productive but has little or no impact on your results. 

This includes reading and responding to e-mails, slack, and any request from your company or manager to update the CRM, take the latest training, go to an internal meeting, or provide real time deal updates. 

The result: reps prioritize these “fire drills” over much higher value activities. 

Personal consumption is even more harmful. 

These are the personal distractions which will take up all the extra time between everything else. 

LinkedIn browsing, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, News, Sports, text messages, or anything else that you default to on your phone or browser. 

Releasing dopamine in the moment but leaving you feeling depleted and often ashamed.

These are the silent, deadly killers for your productivity and results. 

Personal consumption has absolutely ZERO place in the workday, but due to the addictive nature of these apps they can be very hard to break. 

Between personal and work consumption, no wonder reps report spending 2-4 hours per day on average on RGA’s (Revenue Generating Activities). 

If you want to immediately improve your performance, here’s my simple advice: 

“Use the Whitespace for Creation, not Consumption.” 

This means choosing to spend time on RGA’s that CREATE the results you want. 

Creation activities are anything that you spend time on that directly creates, advances, or closes pipeline. 

Here are a few examples: 

Create Pipeline: develop a POV for an Enterprise prospect, write personalized, relevant e-mails to Executives, hit the phones, create an Account Plan, create a Territory Plan, create a prospecting list to go after, create videos to send your clients, find execs at your company who are connected with your accounts and leverage those connections. 

Advance Pipeline: Create proposals, do dry runs with your teams, multi-thread in your accounts, create a business case for your customers to use 

Close Pipeline: Create a Mutual Action Plan, create a pricing story to help close the deal, create an e-mail for your Execs to send their Execs if deals stall, work on internal pricing approvals, coach your champion on how to present to their boss, create an Executive Memo for them to circulate, create an e-mail with compelling reasons for company to move forward, create order forms, strategize with your extended team to fill in the deal gaps. 

Consuming is what the majority spend their time on, but elite performers always choose creation! 

Creation is the real work in sales. 

Everything else is simply noise. 

The hardest part is training yourself to be vigilant in filtering the noise and focusing ONLY on the things that matter. 

This is how you make 7 figures in sales, year after year. 

In today’s training video, I show you exactly how to make the transition from consumption to creation. 

It made all the difference in my results, and I know it will in yours too!


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