Using AI for Personality Based Selling

Imagine being able to know the exact personality profile of a prospect before you ever meet with them? 

What if you could adapt your selling style to be much more impactful and effective based on how buyers prefer to engage with sellers? 

Imagine knowing exactly how a client likes to negotiate and knowing what to expect before entering a negotiation? 

Thanks to AI, all of this is possible, and MUCH more. 

As part of my mission to stay ahead of the latest technologies that enable Sales Professionals to use AI to sell better and save time, I’ve discovered a powerful tool called Crystal Knows. 

Here’s why Crystal Knows is the real deal for us AE’s:

1. Adapt your Prospecting Approach based on personality type

Crystal Knows dives deep into personality traits and communication styles. It’s like having a secret decoder to help you tailor your approach and connect better with each prospect. 

Say goodbye to generic pitches and hello to meaningful conversations!

2.  Build better relationships when you meet:

Crystal uncovers hidden motivations, preferences, and decision-making patterns. Armed with this knowledge, you can anticipate objections, address their unique needs, and close deals like a pro.

3. Improve Collaboration with Your Team: 

Sales is a team sport. Crystal helps you collaborate seamlessly with your colleagues since you will know how best to engage which each of your extended team members. 

Better collaboration leads to a better customer buying experience. 

4. Fast-track Your Sales Cycles: 

Crystal Knows helps you streamline your sales process, engaging prospects more effectively and closing deals in record time. It gives recommendations on how to engage at every stage of the sales cycle. 

I’m honestly blown away after using this tool in my own sales cycles. 

But don’t just take my word for it. 

Sign up for a free trial here and see for yourself:


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