Victory is on the other side of failure

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up” – Thomas Edison

In sales, and in life, your greatest victories will often come shortly after your most painful failures.

Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, it feels like God or the universe is constantly testing us to see if we want something bad enough to persevere and make the necessary changes to achieve our goals.

The key is that in those moments of pain, we take a pause to reflect upon the root cause of the failure and take DRASTIC ACTION so that we don’t repeat the same results.

Tony Robbins says “change occurs when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of changing.” I couldn’t agree more.

Here are 3 examples from my own life:


Failure: I missed quota 3 years in a row from 2014-2016

Drastic Action: I paid 25k to hire a coach and join a sales mastermind to get the help I needed

Result: I tripled my income and finished #1 at Salesforce the following year and haven’t missed my number since.


Failure: I nearly lost my family because I struggled from addiction and kept it from my wife

Drastic Action: I started attending therapy, joined a 12 step program, and got a sponsor

Result: I have been 19 months sober and my marriage and family life is better than ever.


Failure: During my recent training for a half marathon, I suffered from 3 injuries which prevented me from training

Drastic Action: I took a month off training to rest and recuperate and changed my warmup routine and running technique to prevent future injuries.

Result: Still TBD, but the half marathon is in three weeks and I am fully recovered and feeling better than ever. Regardless of the setback, I KNOW that this is part of the journey and success is just on the other side.


If you are in pain right now, remember that this is exactly where you need to be and it’s all part of the journey.

Just make sure to take a pause, get the help you need, and take DRASTIC ACTION so that you don’t repeat the same results which got you here.

Even if you can’t see it yet, I promise you that growth and victory is just on the other side!


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