What does it really mean to be a “hard worker” in life

“Hard worker” is an identity, not something you do from 9-5 Monday to Friday.

“Hard worker” means you work just as hard in your personal life as you do in your career.

This means working hard on your:

1. Relationships

2. Family

3. Health

4. Finances

5. Home

6. Hobbies

7. Side hustles

8. Faith and Spirituality

I used to think “work hard, play hard” was the way to go. Until I learned the hard way that it’s not.

You cannot be one person Monday-Friday and be somebody completely different on the nights and weekends without an eventual identity conflict.

Living in “congruence” means you are the same person in all aspects of your life, and all parts of your life work together in harmony to help you grow stronger.

If you want to get ahead and truly live the life of your dreams, build the identity of being a hard worker in ALL aspects of life.

Your family will thank you. So will your future self.


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