Why sales is the greatest career in the world!

How you view your sales career will directly impact how you perform.


If you are excited about the opportunity and believe you have a chance to create your dream life, you will work harder and perform better.

If you dread getting out of bed because you hate facing rejection or can’t stand the grind, you will work with less energy and avoid the tough activities which move the needle.

I believe that sales is the greatest career in the world, and that has belief has helped me overachieve 15 out of 18 years.

Here’s why I’m excited to get up and make it happen EVERY DAY.

  1. Family: sales enables me to provide for my family. Because of sales, my amazing wife can focus on raising our two boys and doesn’t have to work full time which is a blessing for all of us.

My oldest son is on the autism spectrum, and the financial security of sales enables us to provide the medical care he needs to thrive.

We are also able to live the neighborhood of our choice, buy our dream home, and travel anywhere to places we love without worry.

2. Growth: every day, week, month, and year is different than the next. Every deal, prospect, and customer is unique. Products evolve, features get added, and markets expand.

There are few careers which offer a constant opportunity to learn and grow, and with sales every single day you have the opportunity to get better and learn from your mistakes.

If you ever stop growing, you can easily change companies, sell a new product, move upmarket, or take a run at sales leadership. The growth opportunity in sales is limitless.

3. Earning potential: as a top performer selling enterprise software, the income potential is mind-boggling. Top AEs can make over 7 figures in a single year, and the best part is that this income is a direct result of your efforts.

In sales, your raise becomes effective when you do. There’s no greater feeling than taking a new logo and growing them into a large customer based on your skills and effort.

4. Impact: Sales is nothing more than having conversations to understand your clients needs and challenges, then showing them how they can improve their lives or business through use of your product and service.

Sales let’s you make a huge impact on the lives of your customers and their customers.

At 42 years old, I feel extremely blessed to have “fallen into” a career in sales, and I wish for everybody to experience the type of joy and success that I’ve had in this incredible career.

In today’s video I share the impact which sales has had in my life and why I believe it’s the greatest career in the world.


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