Work smarter, not harder

Are you a “busy worker” or a “focused worker”?

Many AE’s confuse “hard work” for “busy work,” which feels like a grind and prevents the most important things from getting done.

Here’s what “busy work” looks like:
  • working excessively long hours, including nights and some weekends
  • moving from one menial task to another without prioritizing activities
  • being “responsive” to demands that come in throughout the day over phone and email, and dropping what you’re doing to respond immediately
  • always feeling anxious and stressed because you are constantly “behind”
  • doing the easy, mindless things first
To provide a contrast, here’s what “focused” work looks like:
  • working sustainable hours that provide balance and let you do things you love outside of work
  • identifying the most impactful activities that will move your business forward and prioritizing those above all else. In sales, it’s either creating pipeline or advancing pipeline.
  • blocking off time to execute on the “critical few” every day.
  • saying NO to the constant distractions and requests which pull you away from those things
  • delegating or automating low value activities that take up your time regularly

Work smarter, not harder!


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