Your Brain on Dopamine

Consuming too much dopamine can greatly damage your sales results. 

Here’s why… 

Because deep work feels extremely hard when you’re a dopamine junkie. 

And when something feels really hard, we are less likely to do it. 

In Enterprise sales, blocking off time for deep work every day is essential for long term success. 

Deep work includes future planning, developing a compelling Point of View, strategizing on complex deals, and problem solving. 

These activities occur in the prefrontal cortex, which is a different part of your brain than the “pleasure center” where dopamine is released.  

And when your brain is overly active in the pleasure center from too much dopamine, deep work feels disproportionately painful. 

Because your brain is always trying to maintain homeostasis, or balance. 

Leading to difficulty focusing, boredom, and restlessness when attempting to focus, plan for the future, and do deep work. 

In today’s video, I provide illustrations of “Your Brain on Dopamine”, and share strategies you can use to improve your ability to focus and do deep work., 

PS – In full transparency, these strategies are EXTREMELY difficult to do on your own and I highly recommend getting help for support, guidance, and accountability. 

If you are interested in learning how my coaching program can help you,, shoot me a DM and I will share more details. 


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